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2009 China (Ning Bo) exhibition of industry of international weighing apparatus-
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Time: In April 2009 17, 19 daysPlace: Peaceful wave international exhibition center

Support an unit

Center of product quality supervision and inspection of national weighing apparatus

Academy of Chinese metric science

Center of information of industry of Chinese weighing apparatus

Chinese trade union

Federation of Chinese light industry

Chinese instrument appearance learns

Abroad assist do

Taiwan metrology manufacturer combines consortium

Association of American weighing apparatus

American Ji Sida accuses a group

Constituent unit

Technology of Zhejiang province quality detects center

Government of people of peaceful wave city

Supervisory bureau of technology of quality of peaceful wave city

Place of metric test of peaceful wave city

Carry out hold

International of rich of peaceful wave sea shows limited company

Postpone meeting introduction

In view of in last few years forehead of exit of product of our country weighing apparatus grows every year with the speed of two digit, according to custom statistic exit of weighing apparatus product amounted to 654 million dollar 2007, grow 19.56% than 2006.

To strengthen the economic technology communication of bound of our country weighing apparatus and abroad and cooperation, introduce advanced technique and device, urge country progress of production, craft, technology, accelerate product structural adjustment, the development of stimulative foreign trade. According to Ning Bo city people government can be exhibited do {2008}4 date file to indicate spirit, to produce haven advantage further, made especially " peaceful wave city can exhibit mobile guidance catalog " , decide in April 2009 17-19 day is held " exhibition of industry of weighing apparatus of international of 2009 China peaceful wave " , exhibit this the meeting that can prop up as municipal government key to exhibit one of activities.
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