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Fault self-test electronic weighing
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AC power supply voltage is consistent with the product labeling fuse blown (AC motor types) 2 can not be charged: AC power supply voltage is consistent with the product labeling fuse blown (AC motor types) 3 Digital beat: the sensor connection is good and the display is exposed to moisture sensor, a sense of volume settings are too small, AD conversion rate is set too high, whether there is vibration, wind and other interference, whether the touching foreign objects weighing platform. 4 Linear poor: Does the sensor work with or without protection devices linear correction (a linear correction model) used linear calibration weights are correct (with linear correction models), whether the sensor overload 5 can not print: The printer type is set correctly, the reading is stabilized, stable mark is bright, the connection is plugged in the printer, the printer is turned on, the printer is online (only 24-pin printer) 6 can not be accumulated: accumulation is back to zero before the key is stable at cumulative 7 can not communicate via the serial port: baud rate, send the way of the settings are correct, RS-232C connection is good exposure, RS-232C connection is too long 8 boot is not zero: the auto-zero range is set too small, whether the platform scale items. 9 Manual zero invalid: zero range is set manually too small, the current reading is stable 10 can not be weighed: the sensor connection is solid, with or without calibration (with linear calibration models must be linear correction) 11 can not calibration: calibration weights are used too little, whether the weight and the nominal value of the deviation of the weight is too large (usually the wrong weights), whether the super user password to access the (software protection models), is short-circuit calibration jumper (Seal Protection models). 12 after unloading is not zero: zero tracking settings are too small scale units is touching the foreign body. 13: Backlight is not valid: whether the battery is low, the current weight is less than the minimum weighing. 14 re-inspection is not valid: the current weight is less than the minimum weighing, re-call and check whether the open. 15 Power tweet: with or without calibration, the sensor connection is intact, check whether the set weight.

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